Schmitt-triggered proximity detectors on a milled PCB

Auto leveling is key to precise PCB milling. I wrote some open-source software that makes it possible to do auto-leveling on a CNC USB Controller-based machine like my chinese 3020 CNC. This software controls the actual control software so that it starts probing a circuit board in a grid-like manner, after which it can compensate for any misalignment and curvature in the GCode.

Modifying LEGO

Discusses the limitations of my 3020 CNC machine as well as some of the ways to work around them, allowing me to successfully mill things like LEGO-compatible bricks and circuit boards.

Getting into CNC

May 25, 2018 Maker
3020 CNC

Last year, I bought my first CNC machine for about €400: A brandless "3020 CNC" from AliExpress. It's great to be able to CNC from the comfort of your home, but took a bit of effort to get it to work properly though...


May 21, 2018 Maker
GRBL board

Since 2017, I've picked up an interest in building software-controlled electronics and CNC machining. This has been lot of fun for me, but it also has been daunting at times, being a total newcomer. Luckily, I've always been able to find useful information online, provided openly and voluntarily by the maker's community. So I thought I'd contribute back to this community by sharing some of my experiences, ideas and tools in the other posts in this 'Maker' section.