Programmer's Guide - Scape

Giliam de Carpentier
June 9th, 2012

Build instructions for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (Express)

Currently, Scape only comes with project and solution files for Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2008 (Express). Follow the instructions below to build Scape's dependencies, to build Scape itself, and finally to run it.

  1. Download and install a graphics driver and Microsoft DirectX 9.0, if not already done so
  2. Download and install the Microsoft C++ redistributables, if not already done so
  3. Extract Scape
  4. Install and build wxWidgets 2.8.3
  5. Install and build wxPropertyGrid 1.2.12
  6. Install Ogre3D SDK 1.8.0
  7. Build and Run Scape
  8. OPTIONAL: Install Windows Sysinternals DebugView, displaying all (Ogre) log/debug output in real time when Scape is running

C++ architecture

The codebase is split into two major components: The Engine library and the Editor application. All UI-related code can be found in the Editor project. Everything else is in Engine. Each project is further grouped by functionality into subfolders. A description of the function of each source code file in these subfolders written in their header file.

Materials and shaders

The heightfield material is defined in /Bin/Materials/Scripts/HeightfieldMaterial.material. The Ogre materials for the GPU-based brushes are defined in /Bin/Materials/Scripts/GPU2DOperation.material. These materials refer to the following vertex and fragment shader code files in /Bin/Materials/Programs.


Many settings are store in the following config files in /Bin/Settings.


See /Docs/ScapeLicense.txt

Copyright (c) 2007-2012, Giliam de Carpentier. All rights reserved.