QuadSim: A spring-based vehicle simulation

April 5, 2011 Physics

QuadSim is a quad (vehicle) physics demo based on my spring-based soft-body physics engine, written in 2006. All physical interactions are simulated using a variation on simple mass-spring connections. This variation includes a anisotropic static/kinetic friction model. Consequently, skidding of the quad is the result of realistic simulation of the contact friction between the soft-body tires and the ground. The (skeletal) quad model includes springs, shock dampers and non-rigid tires, all simulated using the same algorithms.



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December 23, 2011

This is awesome !
Have you released the code for it somewhere ? Or do you plan to ? I’d be very interested. I tried to implement car physics a few times but could never get it right.

December 23, 2011

Hi Vlad! The code’s GPL-ed, and I don’t have any documentation for you. But I’ll send you a link by email in a minute! Good luck!

January 16, 2012

A tutorial for something like this would be pretty awesome.

Impressive – much like the Doom3 article!
April 10, 2012

Hi – really cool articles and site! Could you also send me a source code for this demo?


May 9, 2013

Hello! Impressive video and site. Can I have the source code of this demo, please. I’m working on a terep2-like simulation model on ARM platform.

michele Di Lena
August 27, 2016

this is very cool despite of the age of this post. I would really like to have a look to the source code.

August 30, 2016

Thanks Michele. You may download the GPL-ed source code, as long as you do not expect any support.. It’s here. Good luck!

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